Web design & development

  • attractive and functional design
  • responsive design for all devices
  • HTML/CMS/JS or WordPress websites
  • favorable price, payment by realization
  • the most affordable hosting and domain

SEO optimization

  • optimizing content and site speed for
    the best results in google search
  • google analytics
  • key word research
    link building

Digital marketing & social networks

  • email marketing
  • google adwords and facebook advertisement
  • administration of facebook and instagram business pages
  • administration of wordpress blogs

Website and internet marketing are the first and most basic way to improve your business

-Jack Ma, founder of Alibaba

Meet our team

We are a two-member team from Belgrade in Serbia whose specialty is the creation of quality websites and web shops for small and medium-sized entrepreneurs at very reasonable prices. Whether you need the creation of a static web presentation or a dynamic wordpreess site, we are at your disposal.
We also deal with digital marketing services and within it by writing content for the web (copywriting), SEO optimization, page management on social networks, e-mail campaigns and other forms of online advertising.
Take advantage of low prices in this part of Europe!

Dušan Pantić

design i front-end programing
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • Jquery
  • CMS/Wordpress

Gina Pantić

digital marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Društvene mreže
  • Google Adwords
  • Copywriting
  • SEO optimization
  • Photoshop,GIMP
dizajniranje sajtova beograd

We respect your wishes,
we make for you web presentations that you will be satisfied with and that we will be proud of

The process of creating a website:


In contact with us, you represent your business and your goals to help you decide on the design and functionality of the web site we would have made for you. Of course, the important thing is your budget, as making the site more demanding, it takes more time for it to make it depend on the price. Regardless of the price, every web site that we make must be functional, quality, optimized and responsive. Of course, at each of the following stages we are in touch to consult with you on each item on the site.


Before designing a site, we first investigate your target consumer group because the design needs to be tailored to a certain group depending on age, gender, location, education, etc. We also research your competition and their sites. All this is especially important for adjusting the ideal key words that will affect your site ranking in google search.

Web design

After researching and talking with you, it is time to design a site at a time what is how your textual content and photos will fit in with us prepared the most important factor. The UI / UX design is ripped off on the paper and goes on transferred photoshop to PSD file so that you can see the design yourself your site and if we need to change something before we start coding.


By coding HTML5 in CSS3 languages, the visual identity of the site is "touched" in the language that internet browsers (browsers) like google chrome, can firefox, safari and e xplorer can understand. We also add various functionalities thanks to the program language JavaScript. For attractive effects, slides, galleries and for customizing the site for all devices we use the latest technology like Jquery and Bootstrap. In the case of wordpress creation in addition to premium topics and plagiarists, we use PHP programming language as well as msql to manipulate databases on the site.


Testing is a process that relates to testing user interaction with site (UX design) and imprint regarding visibility and aesthetics (UI design) as well as performance testing and eventual bugging.


In the last phase after joining the domain, hosting the site on the server (hosting) and testing it goes by indexing the site to google and optimizing it to make it faster loading site and better visibility to a Google's "spiders" that index the site of the search site. Only then can the web site be considered completed and only then will you pay our compensation for our effort, time and knowledge.


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Improve your business with online presence

It is the age of internet and digital technologies. Probably unfortunately, because people are now more stare at their phones and computers than they are talking to each other.
That's why today it's easier to get new customers or users of your services over the internet than in any other way. You can be informed about prices of our services by clicking on the button below:

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